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"Quit Letting Who You Were,
Talk You Out of Who You're Becoming!"

Take Control Of Your Career

You deserve to have every aspect of your life – personal and professional – be exactly the way you want it. It's time for you to start achieving your goals. You can do great things. Working with a coach, you’ll develop the skills necessary to become a happier, more confident, and more focused person with the commitment to become an unstoppable success. We help highly educated professionals, job seekers, career changers and those in transition on most effective methods of career development, we help you:

 Get total clarity.
Finding the jobs you want.
Identify career direction.
Create an exciting career path.

Start earning the salary you deserve.

Master self-confidence, get noticed

and be promoted.

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Let's Work Together!

We help highly educated professionals take back control of their careers.

By getting unstuck from roles they are overqualified to be doing and into the roles, they really want and start utilizing their degrees.

We want these individuals to be successful in their careers, to have leadership roles and to achieve their dream jobs. That is why we focus on cultivating a success mindset, strategic goal setting, accelerating visibility and chasing purpose.

Our strategies see clients land a job fast, position themselves at the expert, increase their calls for interviews and ultimately land the job.

Reduce time in the job search.

Increase your rate of interviews and job offers.

Improve self-belief and personal confidence.

Boost your image with personal branding.

Prove your value and work to your employer.

Create the career you want by design, not by chance.

Negotiate an ideal compensation package.

Transition and thrive in a new job.

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Career Coaching Services 

Whether you're looking to find a job, change careers, make more money, or advance at your current company, we can help you succeed — no matter where you are in your career.

Our CV Writing Services will allow you to get the job you truly want and deserve.


Having a high impact CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile will set you ahead of the competition and ultimately help you land your next role. Written by experienced writers, your CV will boast a highly professional, polished and sophisticated design that focuses on extracting the fundamental qualities that you have to offer.

Let's ensure you make the cut! 


Our 1-1 career coaching helps you to become the best version of yourself. Time for a career plan for a new you, a new job or a career change. With 1-1 coaching sessions a coach can help you to;


  • Clarify your career vision

  • Create a personal development plan

  • Identify and close skills gaps

  • Optimise best habits

  • Master the right mindset

  • Boost confidence and ditch limiting beliefs.

Career coaching is designed to transform your life, not just your career. ​

Get the edge in your next interview.


Interview coaching will significantly improve your chances of acquiring your dream job and chosen career. Reduce nerves, increase confidence and present a polished and professional version of yourself during your interview. Be prepared to answer tricky questions. Use the STAR technique to effectively respond to difficult competency and behavioural based interview questions. 

Mastering these techniques will give you a huge advantage over other candidates. 


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CV Writing Services

1-1 Career Coaching

Mastering Interviews

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About Me

About Me

Suwen Pollard is passionate about Career Consulting and enjoys seeing people of all different backgrounds be successful and interrupt the status quo. She founded At Work Career Coaching out of the desire to help people take their power back and create the career they want on their own terms. Success doesn't happen by accident but by design.

She draws from her education (Bachelors in Human Resources Management and Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology), 10+ years of Human Resources experience, deep empathy, and helping people to achieve their career goals.

Suwen brings a culturally relevant perspective to her work. She has a Caribbean background, has lived and worked in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and now currently resides in the United Kingdom. She knows what it takes to succeed in the corporate world and has insight into the minds of recruiters, hiring managers, execs and business leaders. This allows her to support her clients as they get promoted or transition into their desired jobs. She helps individuals get "unstuck" and rise to their full potential. By challenging mindsets to strive for excellence and overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Favourite quote:"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start " -  Nido Qubein

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