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7 Qualities of a Good Leader

Becoming a good leader is not something that takes overnight. Instead, it is an ongoing learning process with struggles along the way. But once you are able to achieve a perfect balance between the needs of your company, your employee and yourself, you know that you are on your way to becoming an effective and good boss whom people respect and revere.

So what makes a good boss? Below is a list of some of the qualities that a good leader possesses.

1. Leadership

It is true that not all good employees can become a good leader because there is a significant difference between a follower and a leader. A person who possesses good leadership skills is someone who can be an effective and good employer.

2. Tolerance

A good boss realizes that because employees are humans too, some things are truly beyond their control. So if something goes wrong and it is not something that happens all the time, allow for some human limitation. Of course, your tolerance should not be to that point where employees will abuse it by giving mediocre results because they think you would not mind.

3. Courage

It takes bravery to give out commands and manage a herd. It also takes a courageous soul to take on full responsibility to your employee's actions. Speaking of this, a good boss should know that because he or she is taking full responsibility for his or her employees, it is very crucial to find the right kind of employees.

4. Positive Attitude

You cannot expect your employees to produce excellent results if they see you moping around in your office all the time. Be optimistic and smile all the time. It will be good for you and your employees.

5. Patience

You have to realize that teaching people does not happen magically. It takes a lot of time and effort so you have exercise utmost patience.

6. Empathy

A good employer has genuine concern over his or her employees, and would realize that they are people too with needs and feelings. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of your employees will make you understand better what they need to be able to produce better results. Recognition, raise in workers compensation or rewards are some of the best ways to motivate your employees.

7. Fun

During times when work is not that stiff or when you are out with your employees in a company outing, do not be afraid to show your employees the fun side of you. Joke with them, laugh with them, talk to them. Just remember that there is a time and place for having fun.

A good boss has multitude rewards. You earn the loyalty and respect of your employees, and you become their friend at the end of the day.

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