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Be Your Own Cheerleader to Achieve Your Career Goals

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Are you your own biggest cheerleader? You should be. Being your own cheerleader is about creating a space where you're able to move beyond simply existing and are able to flourish in your career. Being your own cheerleader also means having the self-motivation to achieve your goals, by speaking to yourself in encouraging, kind and reinforcing ways.

It’s not always easy to be your own cheerleader. You might doubt your abilities or get caught up in negative thinking patterns that hold you back from taking risks and going after what you want. Goals seem hard to reach because you’re not sure if you can achieve them. But when you take the time to cultivate a more positive relationship with yourself, you’ll find that your career goals are attainable and that you have the power to make them happen.

Are you guilty of this trait? If you want to start being your own cheerleader, in this blog post we will discuss things that you can do to start being your own biggest cheerleader.

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Practice Positive Self-Talk

One key way to start being your own cheerleader is by practising positive self-talk. This involves speaking positively to yourself, in a way that is encouraging and supportive. When you engage in positive self-talk, you are telling yourself that you are capable, competent and worthy of achieving success in your career and life. Positive self-talk helps to build your self-confidence and motivation, two things that are essential for achieving success.

You can engage in positive self-talk by practising speaking kindly to yourself. This means being gentle and compassionate with yourself, instead of being self-critical or judgmental. For example, if you make a mistake at work, instead of berating yourself, speak kindly to yourself and remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that you are learning and growing.

Another way you can practice positive self-talk is by speaking daily positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself, in order to program your mind for success.

Some more examples of daily positive affirmations are:

• “I am capable of reaching my goals”

• “I am talented and skilled”

• “I am worthy of success”

• “I am capable of making things happen”

• “I can do this!”

• "I am highly focused on achieving my career goals"

• "I am exceptional in my job"

• "I am well favoured in life"

Engaging in positive self-talk is a powerful tool that you can use to start being your own cheerleader. By speaking kindly and encouragingly to yourself, you will begin to believe in your own abilities and feel motivated.

When you are feeling doubtful or discouraged. Let these positive affirmations remind you of your power and ability to make your goals happen.

Have Big Goals

Setting career goals may seem daunting, but it is important to remember that you have the power to make them happen. When you cultivate a more positive relationship with yourself, you will find that your career goals are attainable and that you have the ability to make them happen. It is important to have both short and long-term career goals. Think about what you would like to achieve in the next three or five years, and then set some goals for yourself accordingly. Make sure that your goals are SMART. This means that they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-oriented.

Some examples of SMART goals are:

• “I will get promoted to manager within the next two years”

• “I will start my own business within the next five years”

• “I will start a new course within the next 6 months"

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Visualize Success

Another way to start being your own cheerleader is by visualizing your success. This involves picturing yourself achieving your goals, in order to help manifest them into reality. When you visualize your success, you are planting the seeds of possibility in your mind and cultivating a mindset of abundance.

To visualize your success, start by getting clear on what you want to achieve. What does success look like for you? What would it feel like to achieve your goal? Write down your answers to these questions or create a vision board that you can refer to daily.

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving your goal. What does it feel like? What are you doing? Who is with you? Really try to experience the success in your mind, as if it has already happened.

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