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Employee Engagement: Why It Matters

employee engagement, employee satisfaction
Employee Engagement Matters

Employee Engagement is influenced by a variety of elements, all of which the employer will need to get right to increase engagement. This article will look at what these elements are by highlighting 6 key things:

1. Employee Compensation

Employees will need to feel they’re being paid what they deserve. Pay matters and it always will matter.

2. Employee Benefits

Meaningful benefits – like flexible working or childcare incentives – could make the difference. Offering the bare minimum will prevent employees and new candidates from becoming engaged.

3. Workload

With workload it’s all about balance. Employees need to be challenged, but not overworked; comfortable but not bored. If the balance is wrong they won’t be engaged.

4. Clarity of Expectations

Employees need to be absolutely clear about what is expected from them, both on a daily basis and in the long term. Without clarity and feedback, employees can become frustrated.

5. Enablement

Enablement is about the tools about employees have to work with. The better and more appropriate the equipment is, the happier they’ll be. It is also important that employees get sufficient training on new equipment.

6. Work Environment

You need to offer a place to work that is comfortable in every sense: the right temperature, the right space, the right sound level and the right location. Ideally, you need to give employees a variety of spaces within an office; not only their own desk but social spaces as well as private spaces to focus on more intensive tasks.

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