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How to Stay Connected While Working From Home?

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Office workers around the world are still working remotely or in a hybrid setup as the global pandemic enters its third year.

How do you stay connected while working remotely?

When you work from home, it's easy to feel isolated and alone. One way to combat this is to have virtual coffee meetings with your coworkers. This allows you to stay connected with your team, discuss projects, and get feedback in a relaxed setting. Plus, it's a great excuse to drink coffee (or tea) and chat with your coworkers.

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"Humans are social beings, and we are happier, and better, when connected to others". - Paul Bloom

Working from home can be a great opportunity to have more control over your work schedule and spend more time with your family or pets. But it can also be isolating and distracting if you're not careful. One way to combat the loneliness and lack of motivation that comes with working from home is to invite a colleague or two for a virtual coffee. This can be done via zoom, skype, or any other video conferencing software. By talking to someone in person, even if it's just over a conference call, you can feel more connected.

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Here are some suggetions for for hosting a virtual coffee:

  • SCHEDUELE THE COFFEE – Seeing that you can’t just bump into each other at the coffee machine or drop by a desk, make sure to add the coffee to your calendars. This also makes sure each party is ready to actively participate.

  • USE VIDEO – Video gives the feeling of being there in person. If this doesn’t suit, you could also share a picture of your desk, view from your desk, your pet, your plants, etc.

  • BYOB - Bring Your Own Beverage. This is also a great opportunity for getting to know each other. Why did they chose this drink? What’s the story behind the mug? You’d be surprised what can be learned simply eating and drinking something together.

  • TOPICS – If you have a certain topic to discuss with your colleague, raise it ahead of time so they can give this some thought beforehand.

Think about ways to extend this outside the company, to ex-colleagues, university mates, family. Staying connected is a great way to maintain mental health and assist others at the same time.

Other coffee, conversation questions to better know someone and what motivates them:

  • This year’s ideas to celebrate/enjoy Easter weekend?

  • New recipes, cooking tips?

  • Favourite training music?

  • Favourite Netflix, podcasts for adults/family?

  • Your motivation today?

  • What does success look like to you?

  • Your hero growing up?

  • Best pieces of advice you’ve ever been given?

  • What keeps you up at night?

  • Which movie role would you like to have played?

  • Your biggest success, failure?

  • What do you want from life in the near future?

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Remember we can still all be social while social distancing. Stay connected and grow relationships within your company – invite a colleague or two for a virtual coffee. Can be a colleague that you don’t normally talk to, another time-zone, or someone that works in an area that you want to know more about.

What are your thoughts on working from home? Let us know in the comments!


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