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Read My New Careers & Workplace Column in Expert Profile Magazine

I’ve got some incredibly cool news to share… I’ve been offered a column in Expert Profile Magazine!

The editorial team reached out to me a few months ago, as they’d been enjoying my blog. They asked if I’d be interested in writing a quarterly column for the magazine. Of course, I said yes!

Every quarter (summer 2022, autumn 2022, winter 2022 and spring 2023), I’ll be sharing my latest thinking on all things careers, from changing career paths to finding fulfilment in your work. This is an excellent opportunity for me to get my message out to a wider audience and help even more people create careers they love. I’m so excited to share my column with you all!

The summer edition has just been published, and I’ve just submitted the next edition's content too. I love writing about careers, so the opportunity to do so for a publication as well respected as Expert Profile Magazine is amazing! So if you’re looking for some inspiration and practical tips on how to create a career you love, make sure you check out Expert Profile Magazine and subscribe to get your copy delivered to your inbox. My column will be appearing in the ‘Expert Profile Business" section of the magazine.

About Expert Profile Magazine

Expert Profile Magazine is an international publication of personalities from the world of sport, television, film, media and music sharing their insights to inspire you.

And in every issue we have industry experts from around the globe sharing their skills, knowledge and advice on wellbeing, business, health, fitness and lifestyle to empower you.


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