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Want to Know What to do if you get TWO Job Offers?

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If you're one of the lucky job seekers who receive multiple job offers at the same time. Congratulations! This is an extremely exciting prospect when you're a job seeker. However, this scenario can also be challenging and stressful. What to do? Which one should you choose? How can you be sure you're making the best decision?

In this blog post, we'll give you a few tips on how to make that decision. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer – it all depends on what's important to you. So, read through the tips and then decide what's best for you!

How to decide which job offer letter to accept?

You finally did it- you landed a job! Well, actually, you landed more than one job offer at the same time. This is definitely a great problem to have, but how do you make the best decision when you're faced with two amazing opportunities?

First of all, stay calm and realise that this is a good thing. You have a choice to make, and you'll be able to compare the jobs to determine which is the best fit.

Secondly, make sure you have a written offer before you make a move. Verbal offers are not offers. Absolutely make sure you have the real thing in hand. If you don’t, this actually could work in your favour by buying you a day or two. Simply go back to the recruiter who presented the verbal offer with something like, “The offer sounds fantastic. I’m eager to sit down and review all of the details. When should I expect to receive the written offer?.”

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Here are some tips for handling multiple job offers:

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis, comparing both offers:

What does a cost-benefit analysis mean? It means you need to weigh up the pros and cons of both offers, in order to arrive at an informed decision.

First, take a step back and assess what you're looking for in a job. What are your top priorities? Are you looking for more money, better benefits, or a shorter commute? Once you know what's most important to you, it will be easier to compare the two offers side-by-side.

Ask yourself where you will feel the most comfortable and fulfilled in the role. Money is important in a role, but money isn’t everything. We spend 35-50 hours per week in the workplace. That’s a lot of potentially miserable hours of your life to waste if the culture and the job content isn’t the right fit for you.

Get all the information:

If you receive multiple offers within the same deadline period for acceptance, your task will simply be to decide which option is preferable. Make sure you have all the information necessary about both options to make a rational choice. If not, reach out to the employer and seek clarification about any lingering uncertainties regarding benefits, advancement, working conditions, job content, supervision or any other questions you may have.

Other considerations:

Do you value your family time more? Do you value your health more?

Take the time to consider all aspects of both roles. Including benefits, working hours, travel time, flexible working, company culture and your own personal circumstances. Then, think about the day-to-day realities of each job. Which job sounds more fun and exciting? Which one seems like it would be a better fit for your personality and work style?

Finally, don't forget to listen to your gut. Sometimes you just know which job is the right one for you, even if you can't explain why. If one job feels like the obvious choice, go with your gut and accept that offer. Sometimes the answer is not as obvious as we think. And if neither roles are appealing, keep SEARCHING for another! You are in control of your own career path, always remember that.

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Making a job decision can be tough, but following these four steps will help you choose the right job for you. Good luck!


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