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Why You Must Stay Ready For New Opportunities

The best career advice I have ever received is to get prepared for my next role.

In other words, I should start right now on working towards achieving my next role in my career by developing the skills and experiences needed. Because when opportunity knocks, when the opportunity arises for a promotion, or a recruiter calls regarding a job vacancy it's too late to get ready.

It's important to start preparing myself in advance so that I am always ready for when that new job opportunity comes along. People miss opportunities everyday because they are not adequately prepared. Whether because they lack the right knowledge, skillset or perhaps even the right interview skills. By putting in the effort beforehand, you will be able to present yourself in the best possible way to achieve your desired goals.

Why Preparation Matters

I have come to learn that the key to being ready at all times is the preparation.

Whatsmore, I quickly learned that although it is important to do my current job well, it is even more important to work on myself. This begins with developing the right mindset and continues through to my intentions and finally my actions. Preparation requires routine, continuous and intentional effort. We have to positively set ourselves up far in advance to be able to handle the situation and master it like nobody’s business. I will no longer allow myself to be unprepared. I'm in the mindset of continuous personal growth. We are all responsible for our own personal growth. Make the decision to commit to your personal growth and embrace a lifelong journey of growth and change. This way when opportunity knocks you will stay ready!

I now make it a habit to continuously work on myself by implementing some easy habits to my daily and weekly routine, that you can implement too.

How to Continiously Work on Yourself

  • Read everyday

  • Listen to podcasts

  • Keep up to date on industry knowledge

  • Attend relevant webinars or events

  • Volunteer to work on projects at work

  • Upskilling by taking courses

I do this so when opportunity comes my way, I will be prepared. Kick off your growth by picking a few of the steps above and working on them continuously. You need to take baby steps and build momentum gradually to keep on keeping on in the long term. What will you start doing today?

Read more about why you need to write down your career goals. I can recommend the below career journal to help get you started with achieving your career goals and abitions. Click the link to get your career journal.

If you don’t have CLARITY about what you want… guess what?

You won’t have the career and the new challenging next role that you truly crave.

If you're ready to finally move forward in the next phase of your career, to make the kind of money you know you deserve, to be excited about your work, to have a career and not a job, then get your free Career Clarity Worksheet by clicking here.

What goals are you currently working on? Let us know in the comments.


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