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Who's hiring now in th U.K.?

MANY companies ARE actually hiring right now.

How can YOU secure a new JOB right now??

1. Don’t wait for things to get back to normal. Adjust to a new “normal.”

2. Focus your CV and LinkedIn profile towards transferable skills and achievements.

3. Think outside of your usual career “box” and broaden your job search to include other sectors and industries.

4. Network and engage on LinkedIn and other credible social media sites.

5. Invest some time upskilling via online courses.

6. Prep for video interviews.

If you lost your job due to the Corona virus, I fully empathize, but let’s get you back on your feet and moving forward. You may have been redirected to your dream role! But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It may not surprise you to learn that the top three employers hiring right now, in the UK, are in the healthcare industry (Barchester Healthcare, Newcross Healthcare and the NHS).This according to the Access group, read the article here.

Here are the main companies that are hiring. Let’s go get it!

📷 the access group





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